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Communication for the Serious Workforce

ESChat allows users to communicate on a 1:1, adhoc and Group basis. ESChat provides eight distinct Talk Group types each customized to fill a particular mission. Talk Groups range from the basic Nextel type Group, to Groups for Surveillance, Command, Dispatch, Unicast, Emergency Broadcast and more. Each multi-way Talk Group will support 3,000 members with the press of a single button.

ESChat is available for $5.99 per month on a month to month no-contract basis, and includes Secure PTT Voice, Group Messaging and Location Tracking & Mapping. Annual subscribers can purchase ESChat for $5.39 per month and volume discounts are available. Your ESChat service will be active within minutes of placing your order, and includes 24/7/365 Live Technical Phone Support. To contact ESChat Sales, dial (805) 541-5044 and select Option 1


Multimedia Messaging

Location Tracking & Mapping

Subscription Based PTT Service for Smartphone & IoT Devices

ESChat is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) service that operates on Smart Phones, Feature Phones and IoT Devices. ESChat’s PTT technology provides a ‘radio like’ experience, providing encrypted communication between individuals, or groups with up to 3,000 members.

ESChat operates on standard smart phones, feature phones and IoT devices.  Whether you’re using Android, iOS or IoT, ESChat is the solution for you.  With service available for under $5.00 per month, you’ll experience reliable and secure voice communications, multimedia messaging and location tracking and mapping. Our subscription service is hosted in Amazon AWS commercial and GovCloud datacenters, and includes georedundant hosting to provide your agency or enterprise with high-availability service.  For those who prefer hosting their own ESChat servers, we’ve got you covered.  You can host your ESChat servers in your own private cloud environment, or On-Premise using your own server hardware.  Of course, we’re happy to provide you with a free 30-day trial.

ESChat & Sonim XP10

Android for PTT

ESChat & Samsung XCover 6 Pro

Android Standard

ESChat & iPhone


Sonim XP5S

Android D-Pad

ESChat & Sonim XP3

Feature Phone

ESChat & Tait AXIOM

IoT Radio

Notable Features

  • Voice Privacy including:
    • AES-256 bit Symmetric Key Encryption
    • ECDSA Asymmetric Encryption
    • ECDH 384 bit Key Exchange
    • SHA-384 Hashing
  • User and Group Priority to control user access
  • Priority Broadcast Calling
  • Presence for Groups and Individual Contacts
  • Priority Calling and in-call pre-emption
  • Eight Talk Group Types
  • Account management via the handset or web
  • Guaranteed network isolation
  • Dedicated Enterprise Servers
  • Encrypted Account Management Transactions
  • PC Based Dispatch Client for Windows
  • Direct interface to Public Safety and LMR networks
  • Late Join on Group Calls
  • Front Screen Contact and Group navigation
  • Initiate and Receive Calls with flip closed
  • Historical [Bread Crumb] Mapping
  • Historical [Bread Crumb] Data Download
  • Easy to use Contact and Group Selection
  • Live Customer Support 24/7/365
  • Group and User Presence
  • Floor Control Indication
  • User and Group Management from:
    • Web based user interface, and
    • Handset User Interface
  • Instant Ad Hoc Group Calling
  • Enterprise Administration via Web Interface

Talk Group Types Customized to Meet Customer Needs

Personal Groups (Group Size Limit is 250):
Personal Groups are created by a user and are only visible from the creator’s Group List. Only the creator may initiate a call to a Personal Group.

Member Groups (Group Size Limit is 250):
Member Groups are visible in all member’s Group Lists. Any member of the group may initiate a call to the group.

Enterprise Open Groups (Group Size Limit is 3,000):
Enterprise Open groups are available for any user to join. The owner/manager of the group may or may not be a participant in the group and there may be more than one Group Manager.

Enterprise Closed Groups (Group Size Limit is 3,000):
Enterprise Closed Groups may be created by any user, and Members may only be added by the owner/manager. The owner/manager of the group may or may not be a participant in the Group and there may be more than one Group Manager.

Law Enforcement Surveillance Channel (Group Size Limit is 3,000):
Surveillance Channel Groups were created for use by Law Enforcement personnel whose typical profile requires long calls, that cannot be automatically ended after brief periods of inactivity.

Public Safety Unicast Channel (Group Size Limit is 3,000):
Unicast Channels provide a means for Public Safety agencies to broadcast important audio feeds, such as NOAA Weather, Air Traffic Control, and any LMR network in a “monitor only” mode.

Enterprise Dispatch Groups (Group Size Limit is 3,000):
Enterprise Dispatch Groups have definable time of day/day of week shifts associated with them. The members of the group can change for each shift. Also, the owner/manager of the Group may or may not be a participant in the Group and there may be more than one Group Manager. Users with a Dispatch Group in their Group List need only to call the group and it will be routed to those members of the group that are on shift at the time.

Adhoc Groups (Group Size Limit is 250):
Adhoc Groups are not pre-configured groups, but rather a selection of multiple Contacts from the Contact List. Once the Contacts are highlighted, the user presses the PTT button to establish a call.