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Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) Interoperability

How it Works

The most common form of LMR to LTE interoperability is referred to as Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP). RoIP provides a simple, reliable, and low cost option for integrating LMR and LTE networks. RoIP supports interfacing to all radio technologies, in all frequency bands. However, there are limitations to the capabilities of RoIP, for example, it does not support private calling and the passing of device IDs between networks. RoIP systems typically rely on a donor radio for access to the LMR system (cross connecting LMR and LTE networks). The advantage to the donor radio approach is that any radio technology (P25, DMR, TETRA, NXDN, analog, etc.) can be supported. However, these systems require one donor radio for each LMR radio channel to be shared, which can make for a more complex system when numerous channels are needed to provide interoperability.

RoIP Gateway