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Interoperability to Meet the Mission

ESChat & Zetron ACOM, Tait P25, AXIOM

Interoperability Overview

Interoperability is likely the most important element to any broadband PTT solution.  ESChat has invested more in ensuring our service is interoperable across wireless networks, as well as any LMR network, Dispatch system and Logging Recorder solution.

ESChat interoperability can be broken down into two primary groups: ‘Inter-Carrier Interoperability’ and ‘Inter-System Interoperability’.

Inter-system interoperability involves connecting disparate LMR technologies, including analog trunked, P25, and other digital LMR technologies including DMR, TETRA, and NXDN. This also includes connecting across multiple frequency bands, such as VHF Low, VHF High, UHF, 700MHz & 800MHz. Inter-system interoperability issues have mainly been solved using appliance based third-party solutions. These solutions, from companies like JPS Interop, are very effective at providing communication across LMR networks, regardless of LMR technology and frequency band.

Inter-Carrier interoperability problems are the result of the widespread adoption of Broadband PTT technologies in the commercial and government marketplace. There are two basic categories of broadband PTT solutions: ‘Carrier Integrated’ and ‘Over the Top’.


Comparison of LMR Interoperability Options


Hardware Wireline
Interoperability Comparison RoIP Dispatch ISSI AIS
Private Calls between Smartphone and P25/DMR Radios
Group Calls between Smartphone and P25/DMR Radios
Emergency Calls between Smartphone and P25/DMR Radios
End-to-End Encryption between Smartphone and Radios
Supported Console Interfaces N/A N/A CSSI AIS
Talker ID displayed across Networks
User Priority Override across Networks
Group Preemption across Networks
Note: Tier discounts begin for accounts over 100 users. Contact ESChat Sales for a quote.

The ESChat Ecosystem