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Mission Critical Call Logging Your Way

ESChat offers our customer two options for mission critical call logging. For those who already have a logging solution, ESChat supports the SIPREC protocol used by all third party mission critical logging solutions, including those available from NICE, Eventide, Exacom, Stancil, Komutel and others. For those who don’t have their own logging recorder, ESChat offers a SaaS Mission Critical Call Logging service option.

ESChat’s Mission Critical Call Logging Service leverages Exacom’s advanced cloud-based logging recorder capabilities to provide ESChat customers with a secure, reliable, and scalable recording solution for cloud-hosted ESChat networks.

Using our recording service option, ESChat customers can securely store their PTT voice and associated metadata in a cloud-native recorder environment that is powered by Exacom. Once recorded, ESChat customers can easily find archived recordings within the Exacom logging recorder software interface. The software is browser-based and the data is hosted in a secure cloud environment, so customers can access their recordings from anywhere. In addition to using secure and scalable cloud-based technology, ESChat transmits audio and metadata to the Exacom recorder via a standards-based protocol.

ESChat Call Recording Powered by Exacom

Komutel Call Recording via SIPREC

Eventide Call Recording via SIPREC