Headsets, Microphones and Mounting Solutions

Professional Accessories

ESChat is compatible with numerous professional headset devices, designed for covert operations as well as high noise environments.

Iasus Bluetooth PTT Buttons



OTTO Microphone

OTTO Revo NC2 Speaker Microphone ESChat recommends OTTO Accessories for Android & iOS users.



Remote Bluetooth PTT Button




Bluetooth Push-to-Talk Buttons


Surveillance Headsets from Klein Electronics.


Bluetooth Accessories with Integrated PTT Control from Savox.
Support for Savox Bluetooth Components is now available on ESChat Android V1.17.3 and Greater



Desktop goose neck microphone with Push to Talk button.



Hands Free cradle for Casio Ravine 2 from AdvanceTec.



Vehicle Mounting and Cable Harness Solutions from GPS Lockbox.