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Recommended Devices for use with ESChat

Android Phones Built for Push-to-Talk

Sonim XP10

Samsung XCover 6 Pro

Kyocera DuraForce

Motorola Evolve

Android Flagship Phones from Samsung, Motorola, Google, Asus, Sony and others

Apple Phones and Tablets

iPhone and iPad – Light Mode

iPhone and iPad – Dark Mode

IoT Radio Devices (Portable)

Siyata SD7

Tait AXIOM Wearable

IoT Radio Devices (Mobile)

Diga-Talk 8051

PC Client

The ESChat Windows PC Client is a option for those who want to a simple method of communicating with their mobile workforce from a laptop or desktop computer. The features of the ESChat PC client and are limited when compared with a true Dispatch Console. The PC Client is a free download that uses a standard ESChat license.

PC Client vs Dispatch Console

Feature Comparison PC Client Dispatch Console
Initiate & receive Push-to-Talk Calls
Multimedia Messaging
Location tracking & Mapping
Multi-Seat Integration
Channel Cross-Patching
Simultaneous Channel Receive
Simultaneous Channel Transmit
Alert Tones