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Wireline Interoperability

How it Works

In the public safety space, hybrid P25 and broadband PTT solutions are being deployed, using the P25 Inter subsystem interface (ISSI) for integration.  ISSI was designed to connect multiple P25 systems together, however it can also be used to connect P25 and non-P25 systems. In this model, broadband PTT users are assigned P25 Unit IDs, and while talking on P25 channels, floor-control, priority and preemption are managed by the P25 system. ISSI integrated hybrid networks also support passing of Unit IDs, Private Calls, Group Calls, Emergency Calls, transparent integration with CSSI connected Dispatch Consoles and Call Logging systems. End-to-End encryption between smartphones, radios and consoles is also supported, including key management via the P25 Key Management Facility (KMF).

As a member of the community of businesses that provide communication solutions to public safety, we at ESChat strive to make the ubiquitous communication network a reality. Inter-agency, inter-system, inter-vendor and inter-carrier interoperability must all be supported. This is our mission, and it is all for the benefit of public safety.

Demonstration Video of P25 Interoperability via ISSI

Wireline Unit ID Management

Wireline Group ID Management