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  • Available on All Wireless Carriers
  • Cross Carrier Communications without Gateways
  • Encrypted Group, Private, and adhoc PTT calling
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Real-time and historical location tracking and mapping
Who We Are

The leading solution for broadband Push-to-Talk Services.

ESChat is a FirstNet Certified™ solution and is also approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for U.S. military operational use. ESChat operates on and across all wireless carriers, providing intercarrier interoperability.
Used by the U.S. military, federal, state and local agencies, ESChat is the broadband Push-to-Talk solution of choice for first responders. ESChat can operate as a standalone broadband solution with smartphone & IoT devices, or it can be integrated with P25 (ISSI), DMR (AIS), or any LMR (RoIP).
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iPad and iPhone ESChat
Our Service

Subscription Based PTT Service for Smartphone & IoT Devices

ESChat is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) service that operates on Smart Phones, Feature Phones and IoT Devices. ESChat’s PTT technology provides a ‘radio like’ experience, providing encrypted communication between individuals, or groups with up to 3,000 members.

ESChat operates on standard smart phones, feature phones and IoT devices.  Whether you’re using Android, iOS or IoT, ESChat is the solution for you.  With service available for under $5.00 per month, you’ll experience reliable and secure voice communications, multimedia messaging and location tracking and mapping. Our subscription service is hosted in Amazon AWS commercial and GovCloud datacenters, and includes georedundant hosting to provide your agency or enterprise with high-availability service  For those who prefer hosting their own ESChat servers, we’ve got you covered. You can host your ESChat servers in your own private cloud environment, or On-Premise using your own server hardware. Of course, we’re happy to provide you with a free 30-day trial.

ESChat & Sonim XP10

Android for PTT

ESChat & Samsung XCover 6 Pro

Android Standard

ESChat & iPhone


Sonim XP5S

Android D-Pad

ESChat & Sonim XP3

Feature Phone

ESChat & Tait AXIOM

IoT Device

ESChat FirstNet Certified
ESChat GSA Contract San Luis Aviation, Inc.

ESChat Interoperability Network

Interoperability has emerged as the greatest challenge in broadband PTT communications, and ESChat does Interoperability better than anyone.  The two key areas of interoperability are Inter-Carrier Interoperability and Inter-System Interoperability.

You’d think that providing secure PTT communication across wireless carriers would be fundamental to all PTT services, but it’s not.  ESChat provides cross-carrier interoperability without the need for gateways, special applications or incremental fees.

Inter-System Interoperability is the ability to seamlessly communicate between ESChat and other communication platforms, including Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, Dispatch Console systems and Logging Recorder Systems.  ESChat can interface with any LMR network, regardless of frequency band or modulation technology. ESChat provides both basic Gateway based interface solutions for Inter-System Interoperability, and also advanced Wireline interfaces solutions.  Wireline solutions communicate without gateways, using standards based protocols that include: ISSI for P25 trunking networks, AIS for DMR and Dispatch networks, and SIPREC for logging recording networks.  Numerous companies have also integrated ESChat’s SDK’s into their Dispatch and LMR gateway solutions for an improved set of advanced interoperability features.

ESChat & Zetron ACOM, Tait P25, AXIOM

To learn more about ESChat’s leadership in Interoperability, please read the article from Mission Critical Magazine, available at the button below.

Our Network

ESChat Interoperability Network

ESChat connects more users across more technologies than anyone else in the broadband Push-to-Talk industry. The diagram below shows how ESChat clients and 3rd party dispatch systems can communicate over terrestrial and satellite wireless networks, as well as wireline and gateway interfaces.

For additional information on our network and interoperability options, please click the button below.

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