ESChat DMR AIS Advanced LMR Integration

ESChat / DMR Radio Integration via AIS

Full Featured LTE to DMR Integration via AIS

DMR Interoperability via AIS

ESChat offers full featured interoperability between its Secure LTE Push to Talk (PTT) network and DMR radio networks. Utilizing the available AIS (Application Interface Specification) protocol native to the DMR network, ESChat’s LTE users can communicate with each radio network using Private Calls, Group Calls and Emergency Calls. Additionally, ESChat’s integrated location tracking and mapping feature can display DMR radio users when GPS is enabled on the radio network.

ESChat servers can be located in the cloud or on the customer’s premises. For cloud hosted customers, ESChat supports ISSI and AIS connectivity to the P25 and DMR networks as a software service, connecting the customer’s radio network to the ESChat server via VPN.

The ESChat AIS Gateway supports all DMR voice CODECS, including; AMBE+2™ full-rate (7200 bps), AMBE+2™ enhanced half-rate (3600 bps) and legacy support for IMBE. ESChat has an advanced Priority and Preemption scheme that is fully compatible with the DMR networks. Three modes of preemption are supported, including:

  • User over User (In-Call Talker Override)
  • User over Group
  • Group over Group

The ESChat AIS Gateway is available “As a Service” for ESChat Cloud based customers, or it can be installed on-site for those operating ESChat Customer Hosted servers.

Download the P25 ISSI Interoperability Brochure:

Demonstration Video :: LTE to P25 Interoperability via ISSI