Pricing Overview

ESChat is available as a monthly service for government and business enterprise customers, or ESChat can be installed in a private on-premise server. Additionally, there are options to integrate ESChat with your Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network. We offer basic interoperability to any radio technology, and advanced interoperability to P25 and DMR radio networks. Please use the selector boxes above to find pricing to meet your needs. For volume base pricing, please contact an ESChat sales representative by phone or email using the contact information in the footer.


ESChat is a FirstNet Certified™ solution and is also approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for U.S. military operational use. ESChat operates on and across all wireless carriers, providing intercarrier interoperability. ESChat supports Quality of Service (QoS), Radio Access Network (RAN) Priority, and Preemption enhancements available to FirstNet subscribers, as well as QoS and RAN priority enhancements on the Verizon Wireless and AT&T commercial networks. In North America, ESChat is the primary PTT offering by T-Mobile and TELUS.