ESChat in Hospitality

Communication for Hospitality

Today more than ever, ensuring your guests are receiving the highest level of customer service is monumental. ESChat’s Push-to-Talk technology (PTT) enables your staff to be more efficient and, at the same time, provides cost-effective group communication functionality to all your staff members. ESChat is wireless carrier independent, which means it doesn’t matter what carrier you are on; you can all communicate together. ESChat can also interoperate with your existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system.

Everyone on your staff can benefit from ESChat’s PTT, Group Messaging, Location Services, while your guests receive a whole new level of service. Staff members can bring their own devices, connect with radio systems and other broadband networks and devices. The service works on PCs and Smartphones using any network available, including WiFi.

ESChat Features:

  • Instant Secure Communication: Encrypted Voice and Multimedia Messaging with the push of a button.
  • Different Call Types: Make calls One-to-One, in predefined Groups, or create an Ad Hoc Group from individual ESChat contacts.
  • Device and Accessory Flexibility: Instantly communicate with employees using Android, iOS, PC, and existing LMR systems. ESChat will work with wired or Bluetooth accessories, supporting private guest services or surveillance modes for Security teams. Click here for recommended accessories
  • Multi-Carrier and WiFi Solution: The wireless provider does not limit interoperability, and WiFi extends communication zones into traditionally low LTE coverage areas.
  • Location Reporting: Real-time in call location allows your team to accurately estimate hotel shuttles’ arrival/departure times and worker availability.
  • User Management and Configuration: Easily add or edit users on your account. Enable or disable user functions on either individuals or many users at once.

Base Price:
$4.99 per month, Includes:

  • Secure Push-to-Talk
  • Secure Group Multimedia Messaging
  • Live Location Tracking and Mapping

Click here for a full list of pricing options

Sample Use Cases


ESChat offers instant voice group communications and messaging between housekeeping and the front desk to ensure rooms are ready for patrons to check-in, keeping guests happy.

Use Case: 
Guests begin arriving early for a conference the hotel is hosting and want to check into their rooms before heading out on a few quick adventures. The front-desk can quickly check with housekeeping to determine whether each room is ready on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, housekeeping workers could find themselves in an emergency and can hit the emergency call feature button on the device to notify Security and the Management staff.

Food and Beverage/Room Service

Whether you’re offering room-service, catered events, or hosting a major convention, complete with food service for hundreds of people, ESChat can be crucial for keeping your food and beverage department operating efficiently.

Use Case: 
A wedding party has decided to change the timing of the first dance to accommodate a special guest who’s running a few minutes late. That information can be communicated quickly and easily to the appropriate food and beverage personnel so that no queue is missed, and the first dance goes on without any issues.

Front Desk

The front desk is the hub of activity, information, concierge services, valet, and guest relations for any hotel. The ability to communicate with all departments instantly via ESChat allows your hotel to enhance your level of service.

Use Case 1: 
A guest needs to make an appointment across town quickly but would like to have luggage brought to their room before departing. You can quickly relay the message to the Bell Desk so that they can deliver the bags, so your guest can make the meeting in time.

Use Case 2: 
A guest is late for the airport and needs to know when the shuttle will be arriving back at the hotel. With ESChat’s built-in location services, the front desk can see the current location of the shuttle without requiring any interaction with the driver.

Maintenance Crew

ESChat can deliver real-time information about maintenance needs and instruct maintenance to reprioritize tasks as needed.

Use Case 1: 
Maintenance has been working on painting one stairwell in the hotel when the power goes out for half the hotel. PTT allows management to redirect maintenance efforts to the power failure, which is a higher priority, and come back to the painting afterward.

Use Case 2: 
A door is broken in one of the rooms. Housekeeping can send an encrypted message with an image of the door to maintenance, providing immediate information while cutting down on unnecessary trips.

Security Team

Communication is vital for security team members in any industry. ESChat offers real-time communication at the press of a button.

Use Case: 
When a party gets a little out of hand, and tipsy patrons begin harassing other guests in the bar or by the pool, all security members can be alerted to get on the scene to ensure all the hotel patrons’ safety.