Real Time and Historical Location Tracking & Mapping

Live Location Services

ESChat supports real-time Live Location Mapping on Android and iOS devices, as well as the ESChat Dispatch Application and ESChat web console. Administrators can configure all Smartphones on a device by device basis, so maps are visible only on select devices.

Map View – Not in Call
ESChat users can make Private (1:1) PTT Calls from the Map Tab by tapping a map Pin. This will show the Contact Name in an “info-box” above the Pin. Pressing the PTT button with a single Pin selected will initiate a Private PTT Barge Call. Pressing the “info-box” for a full second will open a new menu with additional options, including; initiating a Private Alert PTT Call, sending a secure ESChat Text/Image Message, initiating a phone call or launching navigation to the Contact.

If no Pins are selected on the Map, adhoc PTT calls can be initiated using the screen area as a geofence. An ESChat user can scroll and zoom on the Map to cover an area of interest. ESChat will include all Contacts shown on the Map into an adhoc PTT Call when the PTT button is pressed.

Initiating PTT calls from the ESChat Map tab is particularly beneficial when dispatching users based on their location vs their name.

Galaxy S8

iPhone 8

iPad Mini

Map View – In Call
For enhanced situational awareness, all Users on an ESChat PTT call will be displayed in the “In-Call List” or “In-Call Map” view. Unlike the pre-call Map, User locations are updated every two seconds while in-call. Therefore, members of a call are able to view, in real-time the location of other PTT call participants. Additionally, the Map will display the location of the user currently talking with an alternate colored Pin and the talker’s name above the Pin.

Call Idle

User Talking

Receiving without Preemption

Receiving with Preemption

Dispatch Day View