ESChat SDK and API Partner Program

Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programmers Interface (API)

Leverage technology from the most trusted name in Cellular Push to Talk technology. The ESChat SDK supports all elements of the ESChat platform, including encrypted PTT communications, Group Messaging and Location Services. Whether you’re looking to add capabilities to your existing product or wanting to create a new product all together, the ESChat SDK is the fastest and most cost effective path available.


ESChat Client SDKs include everything required to build your PTT over Cellular solution. Your solution will have access to all ESChat backend server and LMR interface capabilities. The ESChat Partner program has been developed to put your product in the center of the value chain. To learn more about ESChat’s LMR Integration options, please contact an ESChat Sales Representative at (844) 4-ESCHAT.

  • Java and ANSI C client libraries for all ESChat core functionality
  • Complete Android service with Binder and Intent interfaces
  • iOS platform integration with Objective-C class/protocol interface
  • Windows service with JSON/TCP API
  • Full web services that do everything the customer portal does and more
  • Leverage ESChat Cloud or Customer based server options
  • Complete access to Customer and Network Management Platform
  • Access to all ESChat RoIP features, including RTP, ISSI, AIS and other protocols