Dispatch Console Integration

Integrated Dispatch Console Solutions

Traditional console solutions for dispatch of LMR users are common in commercial, industrial, and public safety networks. It is therefore only natural to expect that these consoles will seamlessly integrate with LTE-based PTT solutions. This is an example of how next-generation systems such as ESChat can benefit from the standards created for the earlier generation of LMR products.

ESChat users on standards-based console systems can directly connect to the ESChat network using the P25 Console Sub System Interface (CSSI) or the DMR Application Interface Specification (AIS). This interface provides for a seamless experience by dispatch professionals. The objective that was met by ESChat is to not require dispatch personnel to do anything differently than they have been trained to do to communicate to LMR users in the field.

There are times where legacy console systems are required for use with newly installed LTE PTT systems. ESChat also supports standard 4-wire interfaces to these legacy console systems. This is an inexpensive method to upgrade communications without having to rewrite processes or retrain dispatch personnel. Dispatchers continue to use their consoles as they previously did with their LMR-based radios. The result is that in mixed LMR/LTE systems, dispatchers will not be required to change their operational process or protocol.